In this episode, we are chatting with Dr. Toni Warner-McIntyre, who is a fellow parenting professional, mental health therapist, life & wellness coach, with over a decade of experience. She earned dual Master’s degrees in Clinical Social Work and Education and her Doctorate in Human Sexuality. Dr. Toni’s approach encompasses both practical and powerful methodologies. She’s trauma & neuroscience informed, with specialized training in and experience with various effective modalities, which collectively support a holistic approach to life enhancement. She is founder of Dr. Toni Coaches. Its mission is to inspire and enact meaningful change in the world by helping impact makers create work, life & relationship balance, enhancing their lives and the lives of others. Dr. Toni is also the founder of Authentically Me Psychotherapy, a private practice in PA.

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The Whole SELF Lifestyle for Working Parents by Sarah Argenal

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