We talk a lot about being good parents on this show, and today our guest Sam Munoz is sharing with us a really fun and different way to do that.  She’s passionate about using literature as a tool to enhance your connection with your kids and integrate your core family values into their upbringing.  We also dive into her own experience as a new mom and how she found security in using the lessons in the books she shares with her daughter.  She has a lot of practice tips for working parents in particular to make the most of our limited time with our kids using the books they read throughout their childhood.   

Samantha is a mother, engineer, wife, bibliophile and life lover. Her multi-passionate personality has led her to a successful and fulfilling side hustle as a children’s book blogger. Sam, who spends most days engaged in tickle fights, jumping on the bed and reading under a blanket fort with her daughter, has a passion for teaching parents how to create lasting and invaluable book collections for their children. Parenting can be fun, and you can still teach your children all the things you ever wanted to teach them along the way!

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