We talk about our kids’ sleep in passing, so it’s hard to get the full context of the struggles and realities of baby sleep over time.  So I’m just going to pull back the curtains and tell you everything that’s going on in our home. I’m going to share what I feel like I did wrong when it came to my boys’ sleep, and what ended up working for us as a family instead. I feel like it’s hard to get the complete story about baby sleep from other parents, so I just want to give you a full picture of my experience and what I’ve learned over the years. What worked for me may or may not fit for you, but I wanted people out there to know that there are other alternatives to sleep training if you’re struggling to get enough sleep yourself and aren’t sure if you want to sleep train your kids.

I had a different topic scheduled for today, but since Dr. Pam Douglas and I didn’t have a lot of time to talk about the practical things you could do if you’re struggling to get sleep as a parent whose child isn’t sleep trained in the last episode, I wanted to take a little extra time to share with you the things that I’ve found to be helpful after I decided not to sleep train my kids. So if you haven’t listened to my interview with Dr. Douglas in WPR040, go back and listen to that one first, because this one will make a lot more sense with that foundation.

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