Today we have Aubrey Mathis with us, who is the owner and creator of Today May Suck, a comfort kit gift company providing unique gifts to loved ones who are going through the suckiest of times.  Aubrey is changing the way we acknowledge grief with the perfect blend of compassion and comedic relief. 

I wanted to preface this conversation today by saying that I know grief and loss isn’t always a topic that we want to talk about.  It seems like sort of a taboo subject in modern society, at least in my experience.  But it truly is a part of life, and I have personally faced situations where dear loved ones and friends were going through a terrible loss or some sort of difficult situation, and it was hard for me to know how to support them or show them I was really feeling for them in an appropriate way.  I’ve also been the one who was struggling with something difficult, and the support I received wasn’t always that helpful.  So I wanted to have our guest on today to help give us a better idea of how to handle those kinds of situations.  As we discuss in this episode, I really think facing tragedy in our lives can be a transformative process, but that “messy middle” period could can really be debilitating if we don’t feel like we have the support we need or if we feel really alone.  So I hope you find some useful tips and helpful insights in this episode if you’re someone you know is going through an emotional time.

One last thing before we dive in:  I have a background in counseling psychology and have practiced therapy in the past, but neither Aubrey nor I are currently licensed therapists.  Any advice or resources we offer here today are just from our own experience, they aren’t meant to be taken as professional or medical advice.  We always encourage you to reach out to a therapist or a doctor if you’re struggling with depression or any other serious mental health issue.  Just wanted to include that little disclaimer before we get started.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:  

  • Some of the surprising reasons why we feel grief and loss, and why it can be so uncomfortable (and taboo even) to address it when our loved ones are going through something heartbreaking.
  • Learn new ways to truly support the people in our lives who are struggling emotionally.
  • What holds us back from understanding, processing, and discussing difficult emotions in our own lives and with our loved ones.


Show Notes:

Resources & Links Mentioned in this Episode: 

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255)

PsychCentral (Mental Health Resources)

Today May Suck Comfort Crew

Frazzled to Balanced™ Bootcamp

Working Parent Resource Facebook Group 

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