This episode is actually a panel, where two guests and I do a roundtable discussion of our topic, “Are you really screwing up your kids (and how to know for sure).”  Before I even started this podcast, I knew I’d be doing at least some of these panels, because I think so many of the conversations we have as working parents have many different perspectives, and I want to reflect that in the conversations we have here on the show.  I want the Working Parent Resource platform to reflect the reality of the situations we face, because so much of what’s written out there is so opinionated and judgmental and doesn’t really provide the full picture.  That nuance really seems to be lacking in what I consume about parenting and balancing work and family and all of the rest of it, so these panel discussions are my effort give a more realistic sense of the topics we’re exploring.  

In this particular episode, my goal is to help you start distinguishing between the things that may be causing unnecessary stress in your life, and which things you may want to pay some more attention to.  We really do already have enough pressure on us as parents… hopefully this conversation can help alleviate at least some of that in your life.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • A few of the most common things we seem to worry about as parents that really aren’t going to harm our child in the long run. 
  • Which things we’re not paying much attention to that really could cause some long-term emotional or mental damage to our kids.
  • We challenge some of the most stress-inducing expectations of working parents.

Show Notes:

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The Working Parent Resource is dedicated to helping ambitious working parents acquire the information, insights, and tools they need to create a more intentional and fulfilling life that reflects their deepest values and priorities.  Sarah Argenal, the host of the Working Parent Resource Podcast, has her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy and Adult Development, and is a Certified Professional Coach with over 15 years of experience in counseling, coaching, teaching, course development, and project management. You can access episode Show Notes and learn more about the Working Parent Resource at

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