Today I’m going to do one of my “Moments of Truth” episodes, where I tell you a personal story from a moment in my past when I learned an important life lesson.  In all of these Moments of Truth episodes, my goal is to pinpoint that moment where there was a fundamental shift in my perspective in life.  These moments changed who I was as a person on a deeper level.  And now that I have some hindsight (and honestly, I’ve done YEARS of therapy and learning and self-reflection and introspection on some of these issues), so I can look back and see that there was a pretty clear BEFORE and an AFTER to these moments.  So today I wanted to drill down and analyze the details of actually HAPPENED in this situation to shape the trajectory of my life.  And hopefully, if you’ve gone through anything similar or if you’re going through something like this now, you can benefit from some of the hard stuff I went through and maybe it won’t be quite so hard for you.

Today I’ll be sharing with you my “I can’t do this anymore” working mom moment.  There was a moment on my path as a working mom where I hit rock bottom, so to speak.  There was a point where I saw the type of life I was living, and I knew I couldn’t continue going on that way.  In my story today, I’m going to paint a picture of what my life looked life BEFORE this moment.  Then I’ll go through the transformation that took place for me, and then I’ll give you an idea of what the AFTER picture looks like now too.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • You’ll hear an honest and authentic recount of the moment when I realized that I couldn’t keep up the pace of my demanding working parent life.
  • I break down this experience and paint two pictures for you: my BEFORE picture (which was pretty dreary, but probably quite relatable to most of you), and my AFTER picture (what my life is like now).
  • I isolate the important lessons I learned as I transitioned from that broken, exhausted working mom in to the more relaxed and balanced working mom I am today (including concrete action steps you can utilize in your own life).

Show Notes:

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